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    Not all garage doors have a wheel or roller to move heavy panels on the overhead tracks.

    As each garage door mechanism works differently, not all door slabs need a roller or set of wheels to traverse on top of the garage.

    The most common mechanism that requires wheel replacement is the sectional doors.

    However, if you own sectional doors, maintaining the wheels of each sectional prevents danger inside the garage.

    Damaged wheels can grind and drag door panels while moving on top of the garage.

    The last thing that you want to happen is for the stem and the roller wheel to break and cause hanging panels.

    Simple instances such as unlubricated roller wheels can cause a high threat level in your supposed safe space.

    As such, it’s best to book a garage door wheel replacement if one of the sectional wheels doesn’t work properly anymore.

    There are many warning signs that you need to put in new wheels for each sectional panel.

    If you experience any symptoms of possibly damaged wheels, contact professionals to fix the issue.

    Many businesses in Boston can help you repair the damaged wheels inside the garage.

    We are Boston’s Garage Doors, and we offer our services to everybody in the area.

    We are a team of technicians specializing in installation and repair of any part in the mechanism.

    All you need to do is give us a call for inquiries and bookings.

    Signs of damaged wheels

    If you’re on the lookout for a garage door wheel replacement, it’s best to keep a keen eye on some warnings inside the garage.

    This way, you can point out if you need to book our services already.

    Here are some of the signs you should pay attention to:

    Slow operations or slow panel movement

    The first thing you will notice there is roller or wheel damage is the speed of the door operation.

    Fully-functional rollers move efficiently and gently glide the door panels until these sectionals reach the top of the garage.

    When the door panels move too slowly, more than usual, it’s usually because one or some wheels don’t glide.

    Since the wheels are stuck in their stem with unmovable ball bearings, the entire roller is practically dragging along the tracks.

    You need to consider booking a replacement service for the roller wheels when this happens.

    Dragging sounds

    The following warning you should look out for is the persistence of dragging sounds.

    When you start to hear high-pitched dragging noises inside the tracks, one of the rollers is not working well.

    This can mean many things, but it primarily signifies that the roller’s wheel part is too fragile to roll correctly.

    Dragging sounds also point out that the ball bearings inside the roller aren’t allowing the wheel to turn around properly.

    First, disengage the door panel from the opener, lock in a c-clamp, and inspect each roller properly.

    Track damages

    Lastly, since the wheels are dragging across the tracks, the tracks become more prone to damage.

    Expect some dents, wedges, and scratches from the dragging rollers.

    When the wheel freezes or sticks and doesn’t rotate around the stem properly, the tendency is that the roller causes friction around the tracks.

    Look out for deep dents that may displace the succeeding rollers when the doors travel up.

    For these damages, it’s best to get a wheel replacement and track repairs.

    Professional garage door repair in the area

    If you need a team of professionals to provide the most efficient services in town, we are here.

    Wheel or roller replacement can take up a lot of your time inside the garage.

    Since for sectional panels, there will always be more than one roller, then you will most likely need to replace all.

    Consider it an investment for better roller longevity to avoid danger from off-track wheels.

    Book a job with our team for wheel replacement service

    We are Boston’s Garage Doors, and we are a team of professional technicians here in Boston.

    Our focus is on providing the best and most durable services for all garage owners in the area.

    As such, we give our garage door repair for all broken wheels and rollers.

    We also provide garage door installation for various parts of the mechanism.

    All you need to do is book a job with us!

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