Hidden Garage Door Tracks

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    The entire garage door mechanism can be a very bulky addition inside the garage.

    From high tracks up to hefty door panels, the space inside the garage can look smaller after the installation.

    The system takes up a lot of backroom and headroom clearance inside the garage.

    When you want to add doors inside the garage, you’ll need to compromise between making the garage walls an additional storage space.

    The entire setup can quickly turn unattractive to anybody who wants a bigger space.

    The tracks, in particular, can look very displeasing due to the high height space it consumes.

    As such, if you want to keep things out of sight and in order, one of the best things you can do is incorporate some partitions inside the garage.

    The task becomes easier to plan and execute with experts in the city.

    We are Boston’s Garage Doors, and we are here to help you hide the tracks inside the garage.

    Our team of technicians offers various services to you, and we are here to help you achieve hidden garage door tracks.

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    How to hide the tracks

    There are many options to consider if you want to hide the tracks.

    These methods range from the most affordable options to a more high-end way of hiding tracks.

    Fabric ceiling

    The application of fabrics doesn’t stop at clothes and textile products.

    You can apply a fabric ceiling to hide the rails of the opener.

    You can try many designs and orientations that can work to cover the rails on the ceiling space.

    You can also try many ways to add curtain-like fabric covers to the vertical tracks on the side of the frame.

    Be careful with climbing up on the ladder and ensure that you staple the fabric on the ceiling space generously.

    Frame partitions

    After the garage frame entrance, most garages have side clearance to allow a little space for any additions to the frame.

    If you have an extra budget, you can construct some partitions to box in the vertical tracks.

    What happens is that instead of curtains or fabric, an integrated part of the structure guards the tracks.

    You can do the same to the headroom space to hide the rod and springs that turn inside the garage.

    Though it may cost a little to build something else to the side clearance, it’s an investment to the durability of the tracks again.

    Garage reconstruction

    Many contractors in the area can help you reconstruct your garage.

    If you have the budget for a garage conversion, go for a garage reconstruction.

    Incorporate some hiding space for the garage door mechanism.

    You can opt to add more than just partitions to the side of the frame.

    Consider building over a secondary ceiling that can hide the tracks, opener, which also turns into the door panels hiding place when you open the garage.

    Technicians for garage door installation

    If you need the assistance of professionals who can help you plan and design hiding spaces for the tracks, we are here.

    Hidden garage door tracks require a lot of labor to be successful.

    You need to measure many dimensions and run around estimations for the garage.

    One wrong measurement may lead you to have door panels that can’t get to overhead tracks.

    As such, we are here to help you plan things smoothly.

    All you need to do is wait for the transformation of the tracks inside the garage.

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    Any part of the garage door is subject to heavy use and weather exposure, resulting in a lot of minor damages and issues.

    As such, we also offer our garage door repair in case you need help with damages that persist in your mechanism.

    Let’s work together to maintain your doors and ensure your garage is safe.

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