How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

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    New garage doors shouldn’t produce large sound volumes inside the garage.

    Strange noises signify damage and issues in the mechanism.

    With brand new parts of newer installations, the operation and the devices in the system of the doors inside the garage should be silent.

    However, there’s something worse than damage and issue from noisy operations inside the garage.

    Strange noises that aren’t usually present in typical garages during the operation of the door panels can mean danger.

    When there are noises with the door operations, it’s best to attend to the issue at once.

    Don’t compromise your safety with noisy operations.

    If you’re going to drive into the garage floor inside your vehicle, take a few moments to single out significant noise inside the garage.

    If you hear anything strange, it’s best to call for repair services to help alleviate the issue.

    Book a job with experts in the area to inspect and perform the necessary garage door repairs.

    Book Boston’s Garage Doors to attend to the noisy doors inside the garage.

    Our team has the knowledge and experience, and we know how to fix a noisy garage door.

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    Common noises inside the garage

    There is more than one type of noise that the mechanism can produce during operation.

    It’s best to differentiate these sounds, so you don’t alarm yourself mistakenly with the common noise in the garage.

    Here are some of the noises you should take note of:

    Banging sound

    Banging sounds are some of the loudest types of noise inside the garage.

    When a large or heavy item inside the garage comes into contact with another surface, you’ll hear banging sounds.

    The bangs inside the garage usually come from door panels.

    Severe impacts to any surface produce loud banging sounds.

    When the door panels constantly bump while traversing, it may be the source of the loud bangs inside the garage.

    Squeaking noise

    Squeaking noises are sharp and have low pitches.

    When the springs lack adjustment, then the squeaking sound becomes more apparent.

    Lubrication and adjustments are vital to keeping a squeak-free garage.

    Check the spring and any unadjusted cables in the mechanism.

    Constant squeaking will eventually lead to loud snaps that signify the broken spring or cables.

    Low thumping

    Low thumps happen when there is low constant bumping in the mechanism.

    When the door springs break, expect the door panels to thump as the door goes down.

    The thumping sounds worsen as the door panels travel down.

    Since there is a lack of support for proper force, the door panels are coming to a rough close within the tracks.

    Replace the springs to get rid of the thumping sounds.

    Clinking sound

    Clinking sounds are high-pitched sounds that result from friction between two surfaces.

    When there is corrosion in the spring coils, and you keep opening the garage, the clinks become more audible.

    Take note of multiple clinking noises.

    These are usually signs of unadjusted cables and rusty spring units.

    It’s best to replace the spring with a brand new unit to eliminate degrading springs that may break at any time.

    Grinding sound

    Grinding sounds are more common in the tracks.

    Sometimes, the rollers of the panels break and don’t rotate smoothly around the stem.

    Instead of the rollers dragging the panels, what happens is the other way around.

    This results in dragging or grinding motions bumping inside the tracks.

    Replace the rollers to get rid of the noises inside the garage.

    Constant rattling

    The chain of the opener sometimes loosens over time.

    The chains become looser due to the trolley moving back and forth to lift the panels.

    Moreover, the lack of lubrication also causes rattles in the opener.

    Inspect each chain link and lubricate the entire chain.

    The right lubricant can silence the rattling sounds from the regular chain cycling.

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