How To Manually Open Garage Door

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    All garages have two modes of operation.

    First, you have the automatic mode of operation where you can rely on transmitter devices to open the garage.

    All you need to do is press a button on the remote control device, wall switch, or even the built-in car panel.

    The garage opens afterward.

    Second, you have the manual mode of operation where you need to lift the door panels manually.

    Back when there weren’t automated devices to operate the door slabs, most garage doors moved in manual operation.

    With the reliance on convenient devices that can open the garage, garage owners may rarely need to open the garage manually.

    However, it’s still good knowledge to know how to manually open garage door by yourself.

    To do this, you have three methods that can help in the process.

    If you still can’t access the garage manually after considering the three methods, it’s time to call experts in town to help open the garage.

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    Before doing so, try doing these steps on how to manually open garage door.

    Method 1: Emergency release cord

    All openers have an emergency release cord.

    The cord’s function is to disengage the opener from the panels within the tracks.

    The emergency release cord is also boldly visible in any garage as it is typically red and hanging from the ceiling space.

    Step 1: Locate a colored cord inside the garage

    First, find the cord, which is usually near the opener.

    Check the opener trolley, carriage, and the connecting arm on the top panel.

    The cord is usually in red or white and moves along with the door panels whenever you open the garage.

    Step 2: Pull the cord fully

    Completely pull the cord from the ceiling space.

    Pulling the cord disengages the trolley from the carriage.

    This allows you to move the doors without any operation from the opener.

    Step 3: Lift the door manually from the bottom

    Carefully lift the door panels from the bottom.

    Remember, there is no connected door arm to the trolley and carriage anymore for additional support.

    You may need to pull up some force to support the door slightly.

    Method 2: Emergence release kit

    Another method you can consider is the emergency release kit.

    An emergency release kit is an installed lock tumbler in the middle-top portion of the entire door panel.

    If you ever get locked out of the garage, having an emergency release kit is the solution to your concern.

    Step 1: Find the lock tumbler along the panels

    An emergency release kit is an additional installation to the mechanism.

    Not all garages will have this option unless it’s a part of the initial installation of the mechanism.

    Find a lock and key tumbler on the panels.

    Step 2: Remove the lock tumbler

    Unlock the pin tumbler by turning the key.

    If you have kept the key, find it and insert it along the key slot.

    The tumbler becomes removable once you unlock it.

    Step 3: Pull the emergency release cord

    The cord becomes accessible through the installed hole of the tumbler.

    Ensure that you pull the cord correctly to disengage the trolley and carriage completely.

    Don’t forget to keep the tumbler safe and reinstall it after opening and closing the garage.

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