How to repair garage door cable? DIY Guide

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    The garage door is usually the heavy part of the building. Its weight can be up to 500 pounds. So, there is a need for strong cables to lift it up or down. For this purpose, garage door cables are used. These cables are very strong and can lift up very heavy weights easily. But if those cables start damaging and start breaking then it will definitely not be able to lift up the door. Here in this article, I will tell you how to repair garage door cables. I will share some tips that will help you in the preparation of your garage door cable.

    Things you should know before repairing your garage door cable

    Before repairing your garage door cable, you should know some things before the cable repairing. There are two common cable systems that usually lighten up a garage door a safer system. One is a torsion spring-controlled cable and the other is an extension spring-controlled system.

    Torsion spring-controlled cables

    Usually, torsion springs are fixed horizontally above the header of the garage door. It is a long bar with two high-tension springs coiled around it with a grooved roller drum at each end. So, the cable will run at the bottom of the roller and the lowest panel and it is secured at the grooved roller. So, when you will lift the door up the cables starts winding around the roller and it will lose the tension in the string.

    Similarly, when we move it to lower the cable starts unwinding itself and the cable starts providing tension to the string.

    Extension spring-controlled cables

    Extension springs are reserved for garage doors because these were easy to install. These springs are attached to each horizontal track, instead of mounting the torsion system. So, the cable threads the pulley at the end of the spring and it will go through another pulley. This is the way where the track bends and it will go vertical.

    Well, when the door lowers the spring stretches with the pull of the cable and the weight of the door. The spring will fully be extended when the door will be closed. So, it will be able to lift the weight of the door.

    Safety Cables

    Safety cables thread via the extension springs and are fastened to the door track framework. They don’t impede the spring’s movement however are meant to maintain the spring suspended must the door cable wreck or the spring itself break. Its most effective motive is to prevent damage or damage.

    How to repair garage door cable?

    Here are a few suggestions that can help you in fixing your garage door cable:

    • Inspect the cable
    • Clamp the door
    • Disconnect the garage door opener
    • Now open the door
    • Check out the springs
    • Try to be proactive
    • Use proper tools

    Steps to fixing the garage door cable

    Follow the below steps to fix your garage door cable:

    • Disconnect the electric opener
    • Raise the door
    • Secure the door
    • Replace the damaged and broken cables
    • Tighten or realign cables
    • Release door
    • Reconnect the electric opener
    • Test the garage operation
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