What Are Garage Doors Made Of

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    Designing and coming up with your garage door can be very exciting.

    You get to decide the style and theme of your new doors.

    Colors and silhouettes become a prominent point in shaping how the garage looks from the outside.

    Test your creativity and aesthetic eye with hundreds of customizations and options available.

    More than facing the technical aspects of the new doors inside your garage, you can now focus on the more artistic parts of the mechanism.

    As such, the first thing you may consider is the material you will use for the doors.

    More specifically, you may end up deciding on what material to use for the door panels as they become the most visible parts of the garage.

    Let this guide help answer the question, “what are garage doors made of?” and eventually decide on the best material to use for your new doors.

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    Here are some of the most popular materials for door panels:


    Wood is one of the most popular materials for building door panels.

    If you want a durable material that can withstand a lot of low-force impact from scratches and dents, consider wooden panels for your garage entry.

    Wood comes from a wide range of sources such as cedar, fir, and redwood.

    Thus, you have various colors that can complement your property design.

    Moreover, if you plan to customize or change the panel’s design in the long run, wood is one of the best materials for simpler changes.


    Many properties are located on the coast and can be prone to corrosion.

    Rusting is a big problem for many garage owners that use metal material for panels.

    For less corrosive material, aluminum is available as door panels.

    One of the strongest advantages of aluminum is its ability to resist rusting over time.

    Aluminum panels are also available for brushed finish applications.


    Fiberglass is one of the most durable materials for door panels.

    Because of fiberglass material reinforced plastic, not only are fiberglass panels durable, these panels are flexible.

    If you also face challenges with corrosion, fiberglass doesn’t rust easily.

    The only downside of fiberglass is the insulation of the garage.

    If you want to keep the garage, it may be challenging to have fiberglass material as the primary panel material.


    Severe force impacts often cause a lot of dent and damage to any door panel.

    You won’t have the same problem with vinyl panels, as vinyl is most known for its durability.

    Moreover, vinyl is more flexible for adding insulation materials to the panels.

    Keeping your garage warm and well-protected has never been this easy with vinyl panels.

    The downside is that vinyl is not very customizable, and you can end up limiting yourself to fewer options than any other panel material.


    Durable garage entries can result from two reinforced layers of galvanized steel panels.

    If you want to change the color or the style of steel material, you only need to add a topcoat and finish.

    Besides the durability and customization of steel, the material is also preferable for its routine maintenance.

    Steel door panels require less maintenance than other types of material.

    The only downside is that steel is prone to scratches and dents that become more apparent over time.

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    You may wonder, what are garage doors made of?

    The answer is that there isn’t only one option for any garage door.

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