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    Garage doors don’t last a lifetime.

    Like any other tangible object, they have a limited lifespan.

    However, there’s a way to maximize your garage door’s limited product life or even prolong it.

    Regular garage door maintenance ensures that every part of your garage door is in excellent condition.

    In turn, this guarantees that your garage door looks good and works seamlessly.

    Although garage door maintenance is fairly straightforward, you may overlook crucial points which could impair your garage door.

    In this case, you must have an on-call garage door technician to provide you with assistance.

    Boston’s Garage Doors can help you with your garage door maintenance needs.

    We have a complete checklist of garage door services to ensure the condition and performance of your door.

    Call our local number today and get a free quote for our services.

    Visual Examination

    Some garage door problems are not readily observable to an average person.

    Our garage door specialists at Boston’s Garage Doors have a keen eye for garage door issues.

    This allows them to pinpoint the source of the problem by merely looking at your door.

    Our certified technicians have years of experience working with garage doors.

    They have sufficient knowledge and expertise to perform a comprehensive checkup and correctly diagnose the issue.

    The technicians will examine each component of your door to determine areas that require repair or replacement.

    Garage Door Testing

    Visual inspections are often not enough to diagnose an issue.

    So, our company technicians will proceed to test the various parts of your garage door.

    Testing the garage door opener, springs, cables, rollers, and other components will give us an idea of their current condition.

    Here are some garage door maintenance tests we conduct:

    • Balanced movement of the door
    • Garage door spring tension
    • Garage door opener range
    • Movement of rollers along the tracks
    • Sensitivity of the safety sensors
    • Insulation of the garage door

    Regular Garage Door Upkeep

    After visual assessment and testing, our technicians will proceed to the main part of the show: maintenance services.

    Proper and regular upkeep of your garage door can extend its product life.

    This means your garage door will look and function as good as new for extended periods.

    Maintenance is especially vital in wooden garage doors, which require regular stripping, sanding, and repainting.

    Apply lubricant

    One typical garage door maintenance service is lubrication.

    Technicians must lubricate each moving part of your garage door using the recommended silicone-based lubricants.

    Lubrication will ensure their smooth movement and minimize friction-induced strain.

    Tighten loose parts

    After years of daily use, the nuts and bolts and other mounting parts of your garage door may loosen.

    Fortunately, tightening these parts is included in our garage door maintenance checklist.

    Regular Cleaning

    Your garage door’s appearance is as important as its function.

    So, you shouldn’t overlook cleaning your garage door.

    Our technicians will give your garage door a good cleaning using a mild detergent, a soft-bristled brush, and water.

    We will clean gently and thoroughly to ensure that we don’t damage your garage door’s paint or finish.


    The paint on your garage door will fade after some time.

    You can ask our team to repaint your garage door to renew and improve the appearance of your garage door.

    This maintenance task involves stripping the old paint, sanding, and painting.

    Remove Obstructions

    Our technicians will clear anything along the tracks and small spaces which can impair the garage door’s movement.

    Wasp nests, dirt, and debris can prevent the rollers from traveling smoothly along the track.

    We will clean these items to ensure that every part of the track is impeccable.

    Adjust Safety Sensors

    Another crucial garage door maintenance is adjusting and cleaning the safety sensors.

    These sensors are vital in the safety reverse feature of your garage door.

    If they are unclean, misaligned, or broken, your garage door will not operate safely.

    Our technicians will clean and make sure that the photo eyes are perfectly aligned.

    Reliable Garage Door Maintenance in Boston

    Boston’s Garage Doors is one of the most reputable and reliable garage door companies in Bostons.

    We’ve continuously proven our reliability through our exceptional service and excellent track record.

    Our highly skilled and licensed technicians are genuinely committed to ensuring your garage door’s optimal condition.

    Call us today for your garage door maintenance requirements.

    We also offer garage door repair and installation in Boston.

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