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    The tracks in the garage frame guide the door panels as they move up and down the garage.

    The rollers or the wheels of each panel carry the heavy panels towards the overhead tracks inside the backroom clearance.

    Nevertheless, regular use can reposition the tracks inside the garage.

    Over time, the tracks can shift and move from their original position.

    This can cause the garage door wheel off track and remove the door panels from the track.

    Not only will an off-track roller become more prone to damage, but the garage also becomes more dangerous.

    The panels may fall off at any time and injure anybody in the way.

    The best solution is to contact a business that can help you keep the tracks adjusted and in a good position.

    We are Boston’s Garage Doors, and we offer our work to all garage owners in town.

    We are a team composed of experienced professionals who handle garage door issues.

    Our team can assist you in tuning and keeping the tracks and the rollers of the door panels in check.

    All you need to do is give our team a call at any time.

    How to fix an off-track wheel

    There are steps you can take to fix the issue of an off-track wheel.

    However, you can apply these steps best by having another person around.

    Step 1: Switch the door into manual operation

    Pull the emergency release cord of the opener.

    Disengage the opener from the panels so you can avoid having accidental door operation by the opener.

    This will allow you to open or close the garage manually.

    Step 2: Identify where the track catches off

    Carefully push the door panels in the tracks.

    Take note of areas in the tracks that roll off the wheel.

    Usually, these parts of the tracks will have dents and wedges, and it will derail the rollers of the door panels.

    Step 3: Identify which wheels catch off the track

    If no parts of the tracks catch off the wheels, the roller may be the issue.

    Lower the panels across the tracks again.

    Identify grinding sounds or damaged rollers that catch off the tracks, then secure the panels with a c-clamp in the tracks.

    Step 4: Fix the dents and wedges on the track

    Apply this step only if there are damages to the tracks.

    If there are dents and wedges in the tracks, fix the damage.

    Using a hammer or small pliers, remold the wedged parts of the tracks.

    Step 5: Assess the wheels that catch off the tracks

    Not all wheels or rollers may need replacements, but it’s good to consider replacing all rollers when one has damages.

    Starting over again with brand new rollers can strengthen your door rollers and ensure that there will be no damage to the tracks as well.

    Book a reputable business like Boston’s Garage Doors for roller replacements.

    Step 6: Replace any damaged wheels

    Remove the c-clamps that secure the door panels.

    Carefully lower the panels into the garage floor.

    Connect the opener to the door panels again.

    Track adjustment services in Boston

    It’s necessary to get regular track adjustments for your doors.

    First, you will have well-maintained doors that can guard your garage.

    Second, fewer gaps will allow unwanted break-ins and pest infestations if you adjust the tracks properly towards the entrance.

    Lastly, you get to check the individual rollers inside the tracks.

    A simple track adjustment can go a long way in ensuring that your garage is safe.

    It also costs less to adjust a track than to deal with the damages from a falling or hanging garage door.

    Make an appointment with our team for garage door services

    We are Boston’s Garage Doors, and we offer our professional services for you.

    Our team has the expertise and experience to fix the damages in the tracks.

    We know the best ways to handle a garage door wheel off track.

    We also offer our garage door installation and replacement services for part replacements.

    Our services are affordable, and you can always request a quotation to prepare yourself beforehand.

    No job is too big or too small for our team.

    All you need to do is book an appointment with us.

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