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    Have you ever heard your garage door give off a loud bang, then suddenly it becomes difficult to open your door?

    One prominent indication of a broken garage door spring is that loud noise.

    That sound signals the snapping of your extension spring.

    In this event, you must perform a visual examination of the springs to verify if it has broken into two pieces.

    Do not repair the garage door spring system on your own, and don’t attempt to use your door anymore.

    Call Boston’s Garage Doors to provide you with emergency broken spring repair.

    Replacing garage door springs is just one of the many urgent concerns we receive daily.

    We’ve already mastered removing broken springs and installing new ones.

    Thus, we assure you that we can accomplish the job promptly and safely.

    Contact Boston’s Garage Doors for your emergency garage door needs in the area.

    Signs and Symptoms of a Broken Garage Door Spring

    Garage doors springs act as a counterweight for your garage door.

    And since garage doors can weigh as much as 125 pounds, the springs can be under extremely high tension.

    This tension is what provides the force to lift the garage door.

    Given this, you can hypothesize that something’s wrong with the springs if you encounter the following problems:

    The garage door produces an annoying noise when it moves.

    Broken springs will give your opener a hard time raising the garage door.

    This often manifests in annoying straining noises.

    If you hear an unusual grinding or screeching sound, you must call a technician right away for a broken spring repair.

    Don’t wait for the issue to get worse, or you’ll end up paying for costly repairs or hospital bills.

    The garage door is jammed.

    Sticky garage doors are a major source of headaches.

    They can test your patience because you’ll have to wait while your door constantly stops when opening or closing.

    A broken garage door spring can prevent your garage door from functioning properly.

    Boston’s Garage Doors is only a call away from getting the job done.

    We will immediately replace your broken spring and ensure that your door is back to normal operation.

    The garage door closes abruptly.

    Another indication that you have a broken extension spring is your garage door closes too fast.

    This forceful closing of your garage door is extremely dangerous.

    Hence, you should leave the job of troubleshooting the broken springs to the professionals.

    Don’t risk your life for the sake of cutting costs.

    Only trust the experienced and professional locksmiths at Boston’s Garage Doors.

    High-Quality Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Having a broken spring is a teaching moment of how important it is to choose durable and high-quality springs.

    Our company is committed to providing our clients with top-of-the-line garage doors and parts.

    Because of this commitment, we assure you that we’ll only install the best springs made of high-quality metals.

    We offer garage door springs with over 10,000 cycles.

    The springs are guaranteed to last for a long time with minimal to no chances of failure.

    Our garage door springs can go beyond their lifespan with proper care and maintenance.

    Furthermore, we can provide you with a warranty for our springs and other garage door components.

    Experienced and Highly Skilled Garage Door Technicians

    When it comes to fixing a broken garage door spring, you must only trust highly competent garage door technicians.

    Boston’s Garage Doors has an excellent track record in providing emergency broken spring repair.

    Our clients all around the Boston area can attest to the promptness of our response.

    They can also testify to the quality, safety, and reliability of our service.

    Repairing garage door springs entails more than just the skill to install the extension and torsion springs correctly.

    You must also follow safety precautions since dealing with high-tension springs are downright dangerous.

    The garage door spring may suddenly snap and cause your garage door to collapse.

    Don’t let this happen, and contact Boston’s Garage Doors.

    At our company, your safety is our priority.

    That is why we wouldn’t let you help out, more so go near your garage door as we work.

    We will work as safely and efficiently as possible to provide you with exceptional broken spring repair in Boston.

    Call us today to get a free quote for our services.

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