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    A garage door opener is a complex device made up of different parts.

    If you have a faulty opener, it has one or more worn or damaged components.

    You must conduct a thorough checkup to determine the source of the issue.

    One part of the opener that usually requires repair is the motor.

    The garage door motor moves the trolley connected to the door.

    The trolley will move when the motor runs, and your garage door will open or close.

    Because of this mechanism, it must always be in excellent condition for a hassle-free opener operation.

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    Can I Replace My Garage Door Motor Unit?

    Replacing the garage door motor unit is a straightforward task.

    However, it requires technical knowledge and skills, and safety precautions.

    If you don’t correctly replace the motor unit, your garage door opener may not operate effectively.

    At worst, you could end up compromising your safety because of improper motor installation.

    Don’t think twice and contact Boston’s Garage Doors.

    Even if you’re a handyman, nothing will beat the service quality that professional technicians provide.

    Our garage door specialists have years of experience repairing and replacing garage door openers.

    Garage door motor unit installation is only one of the many things we are skilled in.

    We can also diagnose and troubleshoot other garage door opener problems you encounter.

    Check the Garage Door Springs

    Garage door motor replacement involves not just merely removing the old unit and installing a new one.

    It entails checking the entire garage door system to ensure safe and proper motor unit replacement.

    The first thing you must do is to check the condition of the garage door springs.

    Visually inspect if the springs have snapped or cracked and replace them before replacing the motor.

    Do not attempt to replace the springs if you are unsure because you might end up getting hurt or causing more damage.

    Ensure the Garage Door is Balanced

    Next, you must make sure that your garage door is even and perfectly upright.

    Put the door in manual mode by pulling the emergency release cord.

    Raise the door halfway and let go.

    The door must not collapse, or else something’s wrong with the torsion springs.

    Take the Old Garage Door Opener Out

    Now’s the time you can remove the old motor unit.

    Make sure you’ve unplugged the opener from the outlet.

    Remove the wires connected to the opener, then loosen the mounting screws and bolts holding the opener unit.

    Afterward, loosen the nuts and washers on the garage door opener chain as safely as possible.

    Remove the chain and lubricate it.

    Unfasten the bolts mounting the opener to the chain rail, and remove the garage door opener.

    Reassemble Your New Opener

    Installing your new garage door motor is as easy as the previous steps mentioned.

    This is because you have to perform the same things but in reverse order.

    If you find motor replacement exhausting and time-consuming, you can always call your trusted technicians to help you.

    Boston’s Garage Doors offers prompt and timely garage door opener solutions all over the Boston area.

    You can expect our team to come to your place and get the job done as soon as possible.

    Garage Door Opener Checkup and Maintenance

    High-quality garage door openers are durable and long-lasting.

    This device can last for many years without breaking down with regular maintenance.

    Proper upkeep of your garage door opener does not only mean lubrication.

    You must contact your technician to assess your opener’s condition professionally and fix its underlying problems.

    Our company offers a thorough garage door examination consisting of visual inspection and tests.

    Our professional team’s eye for garage door opener can detect problems that are often invisible in an average person’s eyes.

    Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we’ll begin repairing and replacing parts that need to be fixed.

    We’ll also conduct final testing to ensure that the garage door opener operates correctly and safely.

    For the best garage door motor replacement in Boston, call Boston’s Garage Doors local number.

    Our technicians will respond to you right away for a timely garage door repair and installation service.

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