Garage Remote Battery – All You Need To Know

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    Remote control handhelds and other control devices are often one of the most overlooked parts of the garage door.

    As such, you’ll only notice these devices when there are issues inside the garage.

    The remote control that you carry around, in particular, may appear insignificant.

    More than forgetting this device or accidentally misplacing it in various places, it often takes years before garage owners remember the battery inside the device.

    Each remote control handheld is a separate device that doesn’t connect with wires and other power sources.

    As a compact device, the remote control only operates with battery packs.

    If you accidentally damage the battery or the battery portion of the remote control, expect issues with controlling the operations of the doors.

    Before you need to buy a brand new remote, it’s best to assess all things related to the device, including its battery source.

    For your garage remote battery, remember all you need to know for your next battery replacement.

    Common types of garage remote battery

    There are many brands and models of garage remote devices.

    Because many brands and types are present, these devices don’t share the same battery type and size.

    Depending on the size and the power consumption of the remote, you’ll need to change the battery stock inside the remote.

    Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about spending hefty amounts on battery stocks.

    All battery sizes and types are often affordable enough, so you can buy a bulk bundle to keep as a spare for future replacement.

    Here are some of the most common battery types and sizes for all kinds of remote control:

    • AA alkaline battery brands
    • AAA alkaline battery brands
    • 3V 2032 lithium cell battery packs
    • 3V 2016 lithium cell battery packs
    • 3V 2450 lithium cell battery packs

    The battery size will change depending on the remote control device.

    It’s best to consult with the manual or read the information of the older batteries inside the remote before you buy in bulk.

    Always choose the correct size for your remote control.

    Average lifespan of batteries

    For all garage owners, the most common question may be about the longevity of the battery sizes.

    You don’t need to worry about buying weekly or quite frequently to change the batteries.

    Most battery packs, whether alkaline or lithium, will last as long as five years.

    Expect a range of around three to five years of regular use from your batteries.

    This is the reason that you may end up not minding the remote controls that much as they tend to last longer than the other parts of the mechanism.

    How to change the battery inside the remote

    Follow these steps to change the battery inside the remote control.

    Consider these steps for your garage remote battery as one of the essential things you need to know for your garage.

    Step 1: Remove the old batteries

    The first step is to remove the back cover of the remote control device.

    Some batteries may only have a latch at the back, making removing the old batteries easier.

    For others that require a screw, carefully unscrew the back cover so avoid breaking the cover of the remote.

    Step 2: Put in the new batteries

    Put in the new batteries properly.

    Ensure that you put the batteries in the correct terminal.

    There are two sides in the battery terminal, the positive and the negative terminal; place accordingly.

    Step 3: Test the new battery packs

    Secure the back cover of the remote control device.

    Test the remote by controlling the opener and pressing all the buttons.

    If you can’t control the garage door, inspect the new batteries inside the remote control again.

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