How To Change Battery In LiftMaster Wall Control

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    Want to Learn How To Change a LiftMaster Wall Control Battery?

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    A wall switch is one of the most common ways to access the garage.

    Imagine an embedded remote control and panel into one of the walls inside the garage.

    The wall switch serves as one of the accessible ways to open the garage directly from the garage space.

    As an access device in the garage, the wall switch needs a constant working power source every day.

    Without working batteries, you may not be able to open your garage for days on end.

    As such, it’s highly beneficial to know how to change battery in LiftMaster wall control.

    LiftMaster is one of the biggest brands that offer various product lines for garage doors.

    From openers up to access devices like a wall switch, LiftMaster always has a remote control device for every garage owner.

    We are here if you need a team of professionals who can install and set up LiftMaster wall switch devices inside the garage.

    We are Boston’s Garage Doors, and we offer our professional services to everyone in the area.

    Before embarking on whether or not you need to install a new wall switch, why not consider putting in a new battery pack first?

    Here are some steps for you to know how to change battery in LiftMaster wall control.

    Step 1: Identify the correct type of battery for the wall switch

    First, inspect the information on the old batteries of the wall switch.

    All the LiftMaster wall switch devices fall into different models.

    Ensure that you get the correct type of battery for the wall switch battery replacement.

    When you take out the old batteries, bring them with you to the retail store to guarantee identical battery types.

    Step 2: Unscrew the keypad cover at the bottom half of the wall switch

    Most LiftMaster wall switch devices have a screw at the bottom of the device.

    Get your screwdriver to pry away the panel cover carefully.

    Gently lift the cover of the wall switch to expose the space inside.

    In some cases, you may need to exert more force to slide the cover of the wall switch.

    Step 3: Take out the old batteries inside the device

    Take out the old batteries from the device.

    Also, it’s now your chance to inspect and examine the battery’s terminals.

    Check for any dirt, residue, and leaks.

    Many battery types are prone to acid leaks from long durations inside the wall switch, or the weather may have affected the battery condition.

    Step 4: Put in a new set of batteries indie the wall switch

    Now, you have a new set of batteries identical to the old ones.

    Carefully put the battery inside the wall switch.

    Check the battery’s terminals for the positive and negative poles or sides.

    Place the battery pack accordingly.

    Step 5: Test the batteries by operating the wall switch

    Return the cover of the wall switch by placing the cover of the device.

    Screw back the cover of the device and test the wall switch.

    Turn on the device and press the close and open button.

    Observe if the garage doors are moving accordingly and open the cover again if it doesn’t move at all.

    Repair service for broken LiftMaster wall control

    Wall switches are subject to a lot of weather exposure, force impacts, and constant use.

    As such, it’s not uncommon to build up damages around the wall switches over time.

    If this happens, we are here to offer our garage door repair for you.

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