LiftMaster Battery Replacement

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    Batteries play a crucial role in operating your doors in the garage.

    All remote devices that require a battery pack should always have full-capacity batteries.

    More than that, these devices should have compatible batteries to avoid damages and impairments to battery-operated devices.

    The most common devices and tools inside the garage that require battery replacement are transmitter devices.

    From the remote control handheld from the wall switch, you need to replace the battery regularly.

    It’s best to stack up on battery packs, so you don’t need to make a quick and abrupt trip to the store for fresh packs.

    Keeping a new stock of batteries can save you a lot of time and days of a closed garage while riding your vehicle.

    If you’re not sure about the state of your remote control devices, it’s best to call professionals.

    While a battery replacement can only take you so far, some damages need proper care and solutions for faster mitigation.

    Call Boston’s Garage Doors to assist you in inspecting and fixing your remote control devices.

    We are the team that you can count on for any concerns regarding anything about your remote control devices.

    Here are some steps to replace the batteries inside the most common control device, the garage door opener remote control handheld:

    Step 1: Identify the correct battery for the device

    The first step for any LiftMaster device is to identify the correct battery type.

    Not all remote control devices share the same type of battery.

    While the standard is the 1.5V button batteries, it’s best to verify this first.

    Take out the remote control device and open the back of the device.

    Step 2: Remove the old battery from the device

    Take out the old battery from the back of the remote control.

    Inspect the information on the old battery pack.

    Usually, the size and type of the battery are present in the back of the old battery.

    Look at the old battery or bring it with you if you’re going out to buy a new replacement for the LiftMaster battery replacement.

    Step 3: Check for dirt and leaks inside the device

    It’s now the right time to inspect the remote control device.

    Clean the back of the remote control and check for leaks.

    Anything with battery packs is prone to corrosion and acid leaks from the old batteries.

    Check for these as they may damage the device and prevent the new batteries from working well on the remote control device.

    Step 4: Put in new batteries

    After buying the new batteries, put them at the back of the remote control.

    Make sure to put the right side on the proper terminal.

    There are two sides to the charge terminals: positive terminal and negative terminal.

    Put the right side up to make the battery work well during testing.

    Step 5: Test the new pack of batteries for the device

    It’s time to test the new batteries of the device.

    Screw in the back cover of the remote control and secure the new battery in place.

    Check if the batteries are working by controlling the opener.

    If the opener works, you can rely on the batteries for a long while; if it doesn’t, check the proper placement of the battery again.

    Tips for efficient LiftMaster battery replacement

    • Always check the condition of the remote control to avoid buying stacks of batteries when all you need to do is replace the remote itself.
    • Bring the old battery if it’s your first time to buy fresh packs to guarantee that you’re getting the right one.
    • Batteries usually last around three to five years, depending on the frequency of use.

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