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    There are many ways to operate an overhead garage door.

    You may opt for the more common remote control device, which you can bring around to operate the doors.

    You can also choose to use a built-in panel inside your vehicle, so you only need to press a button in the dashboard to open the garage.

    Perhaps the least common type of access device is the garage keypad for overhead doors.

    Like other types of remote control devices, a keypad is also prone to the most common types of damage.

    When there are severe damages to the overhead door keypad, you may end up with an inconvenient garage.

    The last thing any garage owner wants to experience is a garage that doesn’t open, especially when it’s raining very hard.

    There are many reasons for this situation, and each cause has an appropriate solution.

    If you can’t find the best methods to fix a dysfunctional keypad, it’s time to call us for repair service.

    We are Boston’s Garage Doors, and we offer our work to everybody in Boston.

    Our team has the experience and technical expertise to determine if you only need a repair or a replacement.

    Here with our team, we can help you gain your back to a more convenient and well-protected garage.

    Causes of a malfunctioning keypad

    Keypads succumb to gradual damage and end up not working eventually.

    When this happens, you may not access the garage using the keypad.

    It’s a good idea to have other ways to open and close the garage.

    On top of keypads, you can also install a remote panel inside the car or invest in a compact remote control device.

    Here are some reasons the overhead door keypad is not working:

    You entered the wrong code

    The first most common reason the keypad doesn’t work correctly is the wrong code.

    When you enter the code to the keypad, ensure that you are pressing the correct buttons.

    When the code you entered is wrong, the keypad may end up with flashing lights to signify the error.

    The flashing lights also serve as a warning for safety to property owners.

    Flashing lights due to wrong codes also signifies that other unwanted people are trying to enter the garage.

    The batteries don’t work anymore

    The batteries inside the keypad deplete over time.

    Since you don’t always take out the battery of the casement, the batteries will degrade eventually.

    Keypad batteries often last for five years on average.

    Change the batteries when there is no sign that the keypad is still working.

    Carefully pry open the case cover of the overhead keypad.

    Wiring damages limit the function of the keypad

    All types of keypads have wires to connect to the button and other build parts.

    When there are damages to the wire, the keypad works less optimally.

    It’s time to inspect the internal build of the keypad to assess for wire damage.

    Look out for the power issues that swiftly damage the wires.

    Also, look out for potential pests and insects that may have inhabited the keypad inside, leading to wire damage.

    Regular use and exposure damage the keypad

    Weather conditions affect the durability of any object.

    When the garage keypad is outside the garage, it’s more prone to sunlight and rainwater.

    Eventually, these natural conditions can damage the keypad.

    It’s best to limit the effect of weather exposure by installing a protective layer to the keypad.

    A simple cover partition or protruding shield  can help lengthen the life of the keypad.

    Garage door repair in Boston

    We are here to help you repair an overhead keypad that’s not working.

    Our team can also help you transform your keypad into a durable device inside the garage.

    Give our team a call for services and an inspection on the keypad.

    Seek professionals who can help you with the problem

    We are Boston’s Garage Doors, and we are here to assist you with your keypad issues.

    Our technicians offer garage door repair services for all parts of the mechanism.

    All you need to do is seek our professional services and call us for questions and inquiries.

    We don’t only offer repairs; we also offer our garage door installation to help you set up new keypads if you decide to invest in a newer model.

    Contact us for services and bookings.

    We are available in Boston at any time.

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