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    When the garage is noisy, it affects the garage owner.

    Neighbors and surrounding properties are affected by sounds and noises inside the garage.

    One thing you can do is invest in high-quality devices for the entire garage door mechanism.

    Durable and high-quality materials limit the production of sounds inside the garage.

    It’s time for you to invest in a silent garage door opener to prevent any complaints.

    The house beside yours can report your garage to local communities and authorities with noisy garages.

    The last thing you need is a hassle from council meetings and disputes over noisy garage operations.

    If you don’t have the time and budget to purchase a silent opener yet, it’s best to call technicians to inspect the device.

    We are Boston’s Garage Doors, and we are available to help you gain back the silent movements inside the garage.

    When any part of the mechanism starts to produce noises that shouldn’t be there, take it as a sign that your mechanism needs routine repair.

    Work with us to tune up your opener and discuss if you need a silent garage door opener.

    We are here to help you limit the noise inside the garage, so call us at any time.

    Causes of garage door opener

    There are many root causes why an opener creates noise.

    The causes cover more than just damage to the build or parts of the opener.

    Here are some of the reasons that the opener is noisy:

    Chain-drive mechanism

    The most popular type of opener is a chain-driven opener.

    However, the biggest downside of the chain drive is it causes a lot of noise.

    If you initially opt for a chain-drive opener, expect some noise levels every time you open the garage.

    Opener damage

    Damages affect the build of the opener.

    When there is damage to any part of the opener, it will produce sounds inside the opener and affect the operations inside the garage.

    It’s best to open the opener and look for loose hardware or damaged motors.

    Power issues

    The power source of the opener comes from your power line.

    If your power source isn’t consistent, it can damage and affect the durability of the wiring inside the garage.

    Overheating concerns can cause explosions and loud bangs for your door movements.

    How to choose a silent garage door opener

    Nevertheless, if you have an old opener that creates too much noise, it’s time to invest in a new opener.

    A silent opener is a solution to a more tranquil garage experience.

    How exactly can you choose a silent opener?

    Choose a mechanism that produces less noise

    There are other types of door openers for you to choose from.

    The belt-drive opener is among the most silent type of openers for the garage.

    Since the belt-drive shares the same mechanism as the chain-drive, there isn’t much difference in how a belt-drive opener works.

    Do some research on openers

    On top of choosing a belt-drive motor, it’s now time to choose from many brands online.

    Read through some of the models of belt-drive openers.

    While there are silent models already, more compact and higher-end models may offer you the most obvious levels of quietness during door operations.

    Read reviews online

    There’s nothing more informative than reading what others have to say.

    Always scan for relevant reviews and ensure that your chosen model doesn’t lead to eventual issues.

    More often, people with experience from specific models may give reviews and feedback about the product in the website’s review section.

    Make an appointment with our team for opener installation and repair

    We are Boston’s Garage Doors, and we are here to offer our work to you.

    Our team of technicians can help repair your current opener to mitigate the noise level of the opener.

    We offer our garage door repair services to ensure that your opener works properly.

    On top of our repair services, we also give our garage door installations for every garage owner in town.

    Suppose you decide that it’s time to switch to another opener; we are here to help you set up the device.

    There is no model or type of opener that we can’t set up to help you set up a silent garage door opener for your mechanism.

    Give our team a call for your new openers or opener repair appointments.

    Contact us at any time!

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